The proper maintenance of the FFU fan filter unit can improve the life of the FFU fan filter unit and save the enterprise a certain cost.

1. According to the cleanliness of the environment, the FFU fan filter unit changes the filter (the initial effect is usually 1-6 months, the efficiency is generally 6-12 months, and the efficient filter is not to be cleaned).

2. On a regular basis (usually once every two months) with dust particle counter measure with this product purification clean area cleanliness, when measured cleanliness does not accord with requirement of cleanliness, should find out the reason (if there is leakage, high efficiency filter, etc.) if there is a failure, if efficient filter has failed, it should be replaced a new hepa filter.

3. When replacing the high efficiency filter and the initial filter, the machine should be stopped.

4. FFU fan filter unit should pay attention to the following items when replacing the efficient filter:

(1)The FFU filter unit should pay special attention to the removal, handling and installation of the filter when replacing the efficient filter. The filter paper is intact and the paper is prohibited to touch the filter paper to cause damage.

(2)Before the FFU is installed, the new high efficiency filter will be applied to the light to see whether the high efficiency filter can be damaged due to transportation and other reasons. If the filter paper has a loophole, it cannot be used.

(3)Head to replace hepa filter should be the first to raise box body, and then the failure of high efficiency filter, change into a new high efficiency filter (note that the flow arrow symbol of hepa filter shall be the purification unit of blast in the same direction), to ensure that the border will cover back in place after the seal.