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艾凯发研发团队拥有近20年氛围干净履历,并临时与行业协会、大学科研机构、第三方实行室以及环球排名前线的纤维和化学介质制造商合作无懈[hé zuò wú xiè],不停专注于氛围过滤质料、过滤器精益制造以及氛围和干净体系研发。艾凯发自主装备尺度过滤器测试风道、氛围污染器尺度测试仓、烟雾检漏体系和逐点扫描体系;可以为室内氛围调治、产业送排风体系、干净室以及民用新风和氛围污染体系疾速量身定制干净氛围办理方案,同时提供全历程产品和验证办事。



Operating from its headquarter in Shanghai district China, AST has developed into an innovative one-source supplier for the air filtration market with their filtration products distributed in more than 20 countries worldwide.

AST’s product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of customized filters to suit a large range of applications including replacement cartridges for domestic air-purifiers, rigid filters for gas-turbines, high-temperature filters for spray painting booths and the bio-pharmaceutical industry, cabin filters for motor vehicle air conditioning systems as well as HVAC filters and HEPA/ULPA filters for general indoor air quality control and clean-room applications.

AST keeps pace with the development of the global filtration industry, by establishing long-term partnerships with relative industry committee, university research centers, 3rd-party test institutes as well as leading-manufacturers of filtration media and chemical absorbents.

With stringent quality control, in-house test facilities and an experienced R&D team, AST has built a strong reputation for providing an extensive range of high quality reliable products at very competitive prices.